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The ViiV Exchange is an online portal for access to the latest information on ViiV Healthcare's medicines and HIV clinical resources.

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Our Medicines

HIV treatment medications from ViiV have been designed for over 28 years. ViiV Healthcare is focused 100% on HIV/AIDS. By logging into the ViiV Exchange, you can find overviews and details on each of the available HIV medications offered by ViiV in Canada. You will also find useful and relevant information restricted to Healthcare Professionals, including clinical study, slide-sets, product monographs and more. ViiV Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company 100% dedicated to solely developing medications for HIV treatment. Choosing an HIV medication, or medications, for the treatment of HIV is an important decision. More information can be found here on the ViiV Exchange for ViiV products. ViiV Healthcare remains committed to developing new medicines and continues to invest in innovations. We hope you find the ViiV Exchange a valuable resource and portal to learn more about our medicines, available clinical data, and prescribing information. For more information on our medicines, please visit the product pages below.